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Earlier this month I posted a video on Instagram about how much I LOVE the month of LOVE.  I always have.  Even as a child I loved creating Valentines’ Day cards to give to my friends and to my Mom and Dad.

This year is a little different.  February is still my favorite month to celebrate love and to celebrate Black history.  It is also the month I lost my nephew Layton (last year and still heart-wrenching) and a month that seems to give more permission to celebrate my current love life out loud. 

Steve is the man who has my heart – my true Valentine.  You know how when you meet someone and it feels like you’ve known them forever after one conversation?  Yeah, that’s how I felt on our first date. 

The man is relatively shy and very private, so let’s see what I can share…

For this one I’m going to lean on one of my favorite songs from India.Arie…and yes I got Steve’s blessing before hitting the publish button on this one.   

The Truth

 Let me tell you why I love him

‘Cause he is the truth
Said he is so real
And I love the way that he makes me feel
And if I am a reflection of him
Then I must be fly, ’cause his light, it shines so bright
I wouldn’t lie, no

Steve and I have both worked (and continue to work) hard to create true partnership.  We have very similar values, but we also leave a lot of room for each other’s different views.  In fact, one of the catch phrases you’ll hear around our house is, “I see things differently.”  This often has me laughing out loud as I know an intense conversation is about to follow.

I love this!  I love that we have created safe and sacred space for individuality and togetherness.

I remember the very first day that I saw him
I found myself immediately intrigued by him

We were at City Park Jazz, here in Denver, quite a few years ago the first time I met Steve.  His daughter spotted Angel, who was her classmate at the time, and they came over to our picnic blanket.  Our conversation was casual but I was drawn to his smile…and those Scorpio eyes!  Lord have mercy!

It’s almost like I knew this man from another life
Like back then maybe I was his husband, maybe he was my wife

The two of us talk a lot about past lives and I have NO doubt we have explored a few lives together.  I know that I am willing to put in the work during this lifetime to make our bond as strong as possible. 

And even the things I don’t like about him are fine with me
‘Cause it’s not hard for me to understand him 
‘Cause he’s so much like me
And it’s truly my pleasure to share his company
And I know that it’s God’s gift to breathe the air he breathes

‘Cause he is the truth
Said he is so real
And I love the way that he makes me feel
And if I am a reflection of him
Then I must be fly
Because his light, it shines so bright
I wouldn’t lie, no, oh

How can the same man that makes me so mad (Do you know what he did?)
Turn right around and kiss me so soft (girl, you know what he did?)
If he ever left me I wouldn’t even be sad, no

Insert record scratch.  The song leaves me hanging at this point.  I believe in what Steve and I are creating.  We are making plans for a lifetime together.  I LOVE the family we have created.  So, yes, I would be VERY sad if he left me.  Insert nervous laughter.  Let’s continue with the lyrics…

‘Cause there’s a blessing in every lesson
And I’m glad that I know him at all

I love the way he speaks
I love the way he thinks
I love the way that he treats his mama

If you’ve met my man chances are high that you’ve witnessed the way he protects those around him.  There is a special tenderness to the way he treats his mother (and mine), sister (and mine), daughter (and mine) and the rest of our family and friends.  Witnessing his relationship with his Mom is one of the things that won me over early on.

Love him in every way that a woman can love a man
From personal to universal
But most of all it’s unconditional
You know what I’m talking about?

That’s the way I feel
And I always will
There ain’t no substitute for the truth
Either it is or it isn’t, ’cause he is the truth
You see the truth it needs no proof
Either it is or it isn’t, ’cause he is the truth
And you know the truth by the way it feels
And if I am a reflection of him
Then I must be fly
Because he is, yes, he is (fly, light, bright)
I wonder does he know

I have a sneaking suspicion that he knows that I love him and knows that I cherish him and knows that I am so entirely grateful for him.  That, however will not stop me from telling him every day!


Happy LOVE month my friends!

ps – Steve and I have opened up a Meetup for our Denver friends who are in multiracial and blended families.  We meet once a month and would be honored if you’d pass the information on to someone who may be interested.

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