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Tomorrow I’m giving a presentation to 19 of my colleagues titled You 2.0 ~ Finding the More Professional, Healthier and Happier You.  I could talk about all of these subjects for at least 8 hours each, so I am a little nervous about staying under my allotted 90 minutes.  Wish me luck!

Another challenge, the one I want to write about now, was given to me by my health coach Dr. Holly with State of Slim.  Wednesday marks our final class and our final weigh in.  As of this morning, I have met my goal – 135 LB’s.  {insert happy dance}  So now I can look forward to my next growth opportunities.

The challenge that my coach has set before me is to write a letter from my future self – 55 year old Michelle – giving me advice and guidance for the next 10 years.  Here we go…

My Dearest Michelle,

Isn’t it funny how much we have struggled over the years only to find that our blessings are right here in front of us?  This is the sweet spot – now and then. 

Now I am able to eat when and what I desire.  I have mastered impulse control over food so it no longer controls me.  I also have the time to exercise daily with little interference.  The girls are on their own and the boy is wildly successful (and very busy) with his sports endeavors. 

All of the children say thank you for caring so much about their health and for being such a wonderful role model of healthy living.  They have the tools to support healthy lives and the knowledge you have imparted to them has had a ripple effect as they have gone on to teach others about healthy lifestyles.

You are currently in the sweet spot too.  You know that you are on your path as your day-to-day experiences bring you joy.  Keep experimenting with recipes, as they only get better.  Keep seeking out new and fun ways to exercise, as your body is only getting stronger.  Keep loving that man, as your relationship only gets deeper.  Keep nurturing your friendships, as they will keep your heart happy.  Keep speaking your truth because the world needs your voice!

Enjoy the journey.

With so much love!


So what do those bikini photos have to do with any of this?  The first shot was taken in May 2017 and the second in December 2017.  At first glance they may look relatively identical.  Same town (Cancun) and same bikini (Venus).  The difference is 12 pounds of weight lost and about a zillion (is that a word?) pounds of self-confidence gained. 

Here is my little plug for State of Slim:  If you are struggling with those last few pounds or a whole lot of pounds, sign up!  If you are looking for more self-confidence and a new way to look at the world, sign up!  If you want to move your life in a new direction, sign up!

This program truly helped me get my life back.  I went into the 16-week challenge planning to lose weight and hoping to learn how to keep it off.  I am now graduating the program with so much more.  I have learned to regulate my metabolism, approach life challenges with less fear, and boost my self-confidence among other things.  Disclaimer:  I do not receive any sort of kickbacks/rewards/bonus points for endorsing this program. 

Dr. Holly is hosting two new classes in the Denver area beginning on 1/20 and 1/25.  You can go to the State of Slim Facebook page for more information.

One of our graduation charges has been to come up with a theme for the coming year.  I am clear that my theme for 2018 is #community and #writing.  It has been powerful to see how much easier it is to make decisions now that I have clarity on what I want.  There are so many interesting activities and events that may be amazing to participate in, but if they do not fit my theme, it is not going to be a good use of my time.  Writing it here is an extra level of accountability for me.

So with that theme, The Graceful Divorce, an intuitive guide through transition is on its way!  I am finally writing the book y’all!  I so passionately want to write about health and wellness and blended families and all of the yumminess that I am currently living.  However, The Graceful Divorce will not leave me alone.  I am intimidated by this calling and at the same time enlivened by it. 

The plan is to jump from the blog to the book to social media and back around and in no particular order this year.  Yes, that was a run on sentence and yes, I am OK with that.  I’m finding my freedom through writing and community and I am so ENTIRELY grateful to have you with me on this journey! 

All my love,


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