Last week 10-year-old Angel asked me what I wanted to be as a grown up when I was her age.  She followed up by saying, “Because nobody grows up wanting to be an Executive Assistant.  That just sounds weird.”  Gulp! 

My heart sank a little bit as I completely agreed with her.  I like what I do, but it is not a dream job for me. 

The answer I gave her (which is completely true) is that I always wanted to be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader.  My parents gave me a signed calendar when I was a child and I was hooked.  I thought the women were so beautiful and they always looked happy. 

Most of my childhood was spent chasing that dream.  I took endless ballet classes, signed up for anything related to dance, became a Varsity cheerleader on my first tryout and ultimately transitioned to Captain of my high school team.

“Oh, I think that I found myself a cheerleader.
She is always right there when I need her.”
~ Omi, Jamaican singer

The conversation with my daughter has continued to run through my mind.  My State of Slim coach is also currently asking me what I want to bring forth in my life. 

My answer is:  More of what I have now.  I see myself as an everyday cheerleader.  I give words of affirmation to my partner daily.  I’m rooting for my children’s success – always.  My friends come to me for support and encouragement.  Belonging to the support team at EKS&H brings me pride.  Encouraging fellow State of Slim participants gives me a sense of community.  It is my hope that writing this blog gives inspiration to others.  I am as much a cheerleader today as I was back in high school.

So yes, the title Executive Assistant is not glamorous.  It is, however how I currently make the majority of my income.  It is also one of the MANY extensions of the cheerleader I identify as. 

This life (I recently celebrated 45 years) has been filled with amazing adventures and I’m excited to see what I create next.  Letting go of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader dream does not come with regrets as I have manifested an existence as a real life cheerleader for myself and everyone I connect with.

It would be great to say I was able to go into this much explanation with the 10-year-old.  Perhaps we’ll chat about this one another day.  At the time of our conversation she was very excited to share her dreams of becoming an inventor.  Of course I will do everything in my power to help her get there.  

What about you?  What was your childhood dream career?  I would love to reminisce with you in the comments below.

All my love,


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